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Product Properties
Pocket Sized Airless Bottles - H8034, H8035, H8036 Series

Need sample or pocket sized bottles? Our Polypropylene airless bottles may be just what you were looking for. Your product never comes into contact with metallic or metal surfaces inside our bottle; designed with an outer spring airless pump mechanism allowing for greater compatibility. This versatile bottle is an affordable and portable solution for your sample size needs.

Part Material
Bottle PP
Piston PE
Cap Natural / Clear
Pump Airless Outer-spring

Designed Capacity Part Number METRIC (MM) Imperial-INCH
ML. OZ. Diameter Height Orifice Diameter Height Orifice
5 3/16 H8034_W 19 74 1.3 3/4 3 1/16
8 1/4 H8035_W 19 88.1 1.3 3/4 3 7/16 1/16
10 3/8 H8036_W 19 105.8 1.3 3/4 4 3/16 1/16

*Conversions to Inches and ounces are approximate values.

It is recommended that all products are tested for performance and compatibility; it is the responsibility of the customer to test their products for material and performance compatibility.

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